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Neighborhood help desk and catalyst for community engagement & action in the South Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia



Neighborhood Zoning Projects

Check out the map below for a geographic representation of community zoning meeting results since 2014, and the project's zoning appeal status with the City of Philadelphia's Department of Licenses and Inspections. Click on a balloon to see information about the site including the variance included in the application, the results of the community zoning meeting, and the date of last action by the SKCP Zoning Committee or L&I Zoning Board. 

About the SKCP Zoning Committee

The purpose of the Zoning Committee is to facilitate a public forum for the discussion and review of zoning variance requests through community vote for all applications occurring within the SKCP Service Area (Front Street to 6th Street, Girard Avenue to Berks Street), and to convey the community vote at the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) hearings for variance requests. 

How does the Zoning Committee work?

The Zoning Committee is a neutral body that conveys information about zoning in South/Old Kensington to the community, and gives voice to resident concerns and hopes for the neighborhood and its development.

When appropriate, the ZC may also share the community position with council-people, and city agencies with jurisdiction over the proposal (Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Philadelphia Housing Authority, Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation, the Division of Housing and Community Development, etc.).

Zoning Committee Co-Chairs:

Ariel Vazquez,
Eileen Divringi,

Application Intake Procedure for Zoning Variances

The steps for an applicant seeking the community’s support for a zoning variance request are:

  • Complete a Zoning Intake Form as soon as possible. Please notify the committee once you have submitted an intake form at 
  • Also submit the following to the SKCP office (if available):
    • Copy of the Zoning Refusal from ZBA
    • Site plan that includes the context of the adjacent properties
    • Existing site photographs, and floor plans
    • Depending upon the scale of the project, elevations, sections, and renderings may be requested.

Once they receive those materials, the committee will be in touch with applicant about next steps. The ZC will do their best to add applicant's application to the next Community Zoning Meeting (CZM), but if the agenda for that meeting is already full, project will be seen the following month.

About the Design Review Committee

If you are proposing physical alterations to an existing building or new construction, you will be required to meet with the Design Review Committee [meetings typically held first Wednesday of each month] before you can be added to the agenda of a Community Zoning Meeting.

Please consult the South Kensington Community Partners' Zoning Variance Review Procedures or contact the SKCP office with any questions. Use to reach volunteers on our Zoning and Planning Committee.