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Neighborhood help desk and catalyst for community engagement & action in the South Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia



About Planning

One core piece of SKCP's mission is promoting development that builds on the physical, social, and economic fabric of the neighborhood. That means that when it comes to the urban planning in our neighborhood, we take an active role in advocating for our neighbors.

We've been active in the following projects: 

UPDATE: Neighborhood-wide zoning remapping second and final meeting

On Tuesday, October 6th, SKCP will host the second and final public meeting as part of the zoning remapping process of South Kensington. Below is the flier for the event--please share with your friends and neighbors! Also below are maps the Planning Commission has provided, one showing existing zoning, and the second showing their draft proposed zoning. Properties that have a proposed change in zoning are outlined in black. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions. 

Current zoning map of South Kensington

The Planning Commission's DRAFT proposed zoning map

First neighborhood-wide zoning remapping meeting


On Tuesday, June 30th, SKCP’s Planning and Zoning Committee hosted a public meeting about the neighborhood’s upcoming zoning remapping process at the Crane Arts Building. Representatives of the Planning Commission made a short introduction presentation, after which the 75 community members in attendance were asked to look at two sets of boards and provide feedback: one board showing the City’s land use data mapped onto each property in the neighborhood, and a second board showing the existing zoning classification of each property. The City’s land use data isn’t always perfect, so neighbors were asked to correct any land uses that were improperly identified. On the zoning maps, residents wrote down the zoning classifications they would like to see for any properties in the remapping area, bounded by Front and 6th Streets, Girard Avenue and Berks Street.

Some attendees expressed frustration that, given the size of the crowd, there wasn’t enough opportunity to provide feedback on only one board per quadrant of the neighborhood. If you were not able to attend the meeting, or if you’d like to spend some more time looking at the maps, the meeting materials [the introductory presentation and maps] are available below. If you have any input to either correct land uses or suggest new zoning classifications, please feel free to email and we will pass along your thoughts to the Planning Commission.

At the next meeting, which we anticipate will be scheduled for mid-September, the Planning Commission will present draft maps showing what zoning classifications may be mapped for each property for the community’s review and feedback and we hope to initiate a more holistic discussion about larger issues in the neighborhood and how they may be affected by zoning remapping. Once the meeting details are confirmed, we will include the information in our regular weekly eblasts.

Click on any of the below maps to enlarge:

Click above to download the Planning Commission's introduction presentation

Click above to download the Planning Commission's introduction presentation

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