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Neighborhood help desk and catalyst for community engagement & action in the South Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia

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South Kensington Community Partners

As many of you know, last Thursday was our first South Kensington Makers & Doers event! Thanks to the efforts and contributions of people throughout South Kensington, the event was even more fun, interesting, and packed than we could have imagined. Over 50 representatives from local businesses and organizations attended SKM&D, and what an incredible group they were!

Here's a recap of the event, and some shots of the awesome people who made it possible.

We headed over to Oxford Mills to a beautiful sunset, a good start to SKCP's first small business networking event! Our friends at Oxford Mills were gracious enough to let us use one of their awesome conference rooms for the event.

The agenda for the night was set. We anxiously awaited our first visitors, who trickled in slowly at first. We were almost worried that our awesome spread, provided by Oxford Mills would go to waste, but then Tim from St. Benjamin Brewing arrived!


Along with a crowd of thirsty entrepreneurs and small business owners! More and more people came, and suddenly we had a big group of awesome, excited people waiting for Emily's introduction.

First up was Alfredo Aguilar of Las Cazuelas Restaurant, telling his fascinating story of how he made his way up from a line cook to owning and running a restaurant in South Kensington.


After Freddy's funny and engaging story, we held our lightning round of tips, with three speakers who all had special business development super powers.

First up was the always informative Michael Alles of Finanta with a quick round of tips on financing your business.

Then came Michelle Freeman of Witty Gritty, with fast and functional tips to improve your business' image and P.R. campaigns.

And last but not least, we had the inspiring Dominique Aubry of Impact HUB delivering wisdom on how to build and maintain an awesome and dynamic team.

After such a mind blowing volley of useful information, the group of thinkers, artists, makers, and doers retired to the back of the room to swap info, talk shop, and network. We're not sure yet how many new collaborations will come out of SKM&D, but we saw plenty of cards exchanged! The energy in the room was positively inspiring, and we're excited to have been the catalyst for such awesome community interaction.

For more information about how SKCP supports our neighborhood small businesses, entrepreneurs, and economy, check out our SK Works program!

We'd like to thank everybody who made SKM&D possible, including our vendors, speakers, and sponsors.

Oxford Mills
St. Benjamin Brewing Co.
Las Cazuelas Restaurant & BYOB
Witty Gritty
Impact HUB Philadelphia
The Somers Team
Penn Treat Special Services District

Thank you for brightening our neighborhood future!

And thanks to all who attended the event. We hope you enjoyed yourselves, and that you made meaningful connections and learned something useful.

Until next time,
The SKCP Team