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Neighborhood help desk and catalyst for community engagement & action in the South Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia

The SKCP Blog

2018 Primary Election

South Kensington Community Partners

Did you know there is a Primary Election on May 15?

The deadline to register to vote in this election is Monday, April 16!

Are you registered to vote at your current address?

Find out here what address you are registered at.

Are you registered with a political party?

In Pennsylvania, you must be registered with a political party to vote for candidates in the primary election. You can check how you are registered here, and submit a new registration if you would like to change your party. If you are not registered with a party, you can still vote on the three ballot questions.

Do you need to register or update your registration?

You can register to vote online! Or stop by the SKCP office for a registration form. Just be sure you submit it before midnight on Monday, April 16 in order to vote in the primary this May!

What happens after you register?

After your registration is processed, you will receive a voter identification card by the mail at the address where you registered. You must bring a form of identification your first time voting at a new polling place - you can use this card!

Where is you polling place?

Find out here! Remember, you can only vote in person at your assigned polling place.

Do you need an ID to vote?

Only if it is your first time voting at a new polling place. You can use your voter ID card (which you should receive in the mail after registering), or any of these other forms of identification.

How do you get an absentee ballot?

Download and print an absentee ballot request form here, or stop by the SKCP office to pick one up. You must REQUEST your absentee ballot at least one week before the election (by 5:00 pm on May 8, 2018) and SUBMIT your absentee ballot by the Friday before the election (by 5:00 pm on Friday, May 11, 2018).

What is on the ballot?

There are primary races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, US Senator, Representative in Congress, Senator in the General Assembly, Representative in the General Assembly, Member of the Democratic / Republican State Committee, and Committee People. You must be registered as a member of the Democratic or Republican party to vote for candidates in the primary. See the full list of candidates here, and check back here to see who will be on the ballot for your address. 

There are also three ballot questions. Anyone who is registered (regardless of party) can vote on these questions.

Who should you vote for?

South Kensington Community Partners is a nonprofit organization and committed to encouraging nonpartisan civic engagement and voter participation. We can’t tell you how to vote, but check out Committee of Seventy and Vote411 for more information on who is running and their platforms.