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Neighborhood help desk and catalyst for community engagement & action in the South Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia

The SKCP Blog

Community Zoning Meeting, May 16th


6:30   1825-41 N. 5th St. (VOTE)General Variance Review: Surface parking lot to serve future entertainment/music venue at 1750 N. 5th St. Residents, business owners, and property owners within 1/4 mile are eligible to vote. Click here for map and list of addresses.

7:00   1444 N. 2nd St. (VOTE) Legalization of Use: Commercial-zoned space to be used as an apartment. Residents, business owners, and property owner within 1/4 mile are eligible to vote.Click here for map and list of addresses.

7:20   117 W. Girard Ave. (VOTE) High-Impact Process: 2-family residences with take-out restaurant on ground floor. Residents, business owners, property owners within 1/2 mile are eligible to vote. Click here for map and list of addresses.

7:40   100 W. Oxford St. (VOTE) High Impact Process: Pieri Factory adaptie reuse including 118 apartments, office space/community space, and a cafe. Residents, business owners, and property owners within 1/2 mile are eligible to vote. Click here for map and list of addresses.

ALL voters must bring proof of residence.

Community Zoning Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month and are the forum for residents to hear a presentation from the applicant, ask questions about the requested variance, have a private discussion between the residents, the Zoning Committee, and the Design Review Committee, and cast a vote on the variance requested. The CZM is the forum where residents who are eligible to vote, vote on projects.

To review SKCP's Zoning Variance Review Procedures, click here.