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Neighborhood help desk and catalyst for community engagement & action in the South Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia

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The Actual Value Initiative (AVI)


*Updated 3/12/13 The Actual Value Initiative (AVI) is an attempt to solve what has been years of broken and inaccurate property value assessment in the city of Philadelphia.  A campaign originally created under the Office of Property Assessment (OPA), AVI seeks to re-examine the market values of properties based on the following criteria: size, age, location, condition and usage.

The week of February 15th, the OPA sent out Notices of Proposed Valuation to property owners across Philadelphia. Be warned – this is NOT a tax bill. When a tax rate is decided by Philadelphia City Council and the Mayor's Office, it will be used to calculate the 2014 tax bills, along with the new assessment values. Property owners will receive their 2014 tax bill in December 2013.

Haven't received your Assessment yet? OPA is still sending out Assessment  letters; the next letters will go out on March 14th and March 18th. Although the deadline to appeal your assessment is March 31st for those who received their letters in the first round, those who receive them later will have one (1) month from the date their letter is received to appeal.

You can view the proposed reassessments for the entire city on this map from Axis Philly

The OPA has the entire data sets for Property Value 2013 and Property Value 2014 on their website.

Unsure of what AVI means for your property and tax future, or feel that your property value projection is incorrect? Click here for SKCP's Resource Guide to AVI. 

Click here for additional resources and programs available for low-income and/or senior citizens to assist with real estate taxes.

A request from SKCP: Although there is a lot of information circulating about AVI, it can be confusing, and often geared towards those with access to the internet. SKCP always tries to provide the most comprehensive and accurate information to our neighborhood. In return, you can help spread this information among neighbors, family and friends who may not have access to online materials. We want to be sure that everyone is both informed and able to take advantage of relief efforts which are/become available to them. And as always, please refer neighbors with questions or assistance needs to SKCP. 

Call (215) 427-3463 to set-up an appointment, or stop in, 1301 N. 2nd Street,  Monday-Friday, 9AM-5:30PM.